Ways of Finding Stable Jobs During These Trying Times
by KatShel
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It has been almost two years since the US went on a recession (sans the announcement) and then a few month after, the rest of the world followed.  Even the big players were not able to escape the cruel fate of suffering from unemployment, rising inflation, loss of profit, and decline in product demand.

During the first months that the global financial crisis went into full swing, 24/7 news channels had something new to report that were either an established company filing for bankruptcy, a multinational firm laying off thousands of employees from their offshore offices, and stocks sliding down rapidly in Wallstreet. To simply, it was chaos and no one was safe from it.

And then, there was the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme, it was a small relief that he was captured and sentences to jail but that could not water down the fact that he stole billions and billions of dollars from  people of all walks of life.  He made business deals with the richest CEOs down to the average working citizen who made honest money not from sitting in an office all day but worked with their hands under the scorching sun. The impact of his fraudulent activities was so vast that it added to the already heavy burden of the common American.

With all of these serious financial troubles that the world is facing, is there still hope? Believe it or not, there is.  It may not be good to speculate, but it is better to keep working towards achieving that goal to make it work to your advantage.

That tiny hope lies in the jobs that can provide sources of income to meet the basic needs.  Here are a few of those jobs:

1.Internship programs– this is one of the emerging trends when it comes to job hunting. What happens here is that you will be working for a company without any pay for an agreed period of time. This gives one the opportunity to learn a new skill and then eventually be good at it and ultimately get paid for. In addition, there are companies that do pay the interns on the onset depending on the terms agreed.

2.Freelance writing gigs -  this type is virtually open to everyone as we all the knack for writing, with some still undiscovered.  If you're one of those undiscovered writers, it is high time that you sit down and jot down something decent and comprehensive and search for writing companies in your neighborhood or via Google.

3.Temp jobs – this is somewhat associated with part-time jobs but the main difference is that temp jobs have a shorter shelf life, simplified, this kind of job is good for a day or just a few hours on the average.  Temp jobs are usually secretarial positions but can also be trips to the grocery, dog walking, babysitting, and other tasks that require man power.

During these times of economic depression, it is better to be always on one's feet rather than just sit and wait for things to happen, after all, no one knows when this financial meltdown will cool down, until then, go for the things that will enable you to survive and save even a little.

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