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In this constantly changing world, the demand is sometimes greater than the supply, especially in the context of average people living in third world countries. The family’s income is less than what the family members needed for their daily consumptions. That is why, most of the family heads- father or even older siblings migrate to other countries of the world to earn more than enough for their daily needs and for future uses as well. Most of them gamble their self happiness and comfort for instant big money equivalent when they are work double and triple as hard abroad. Although they can also get those big bulk of money in their own country, but it takes a little time longer compared to working abroad.


When looking for a prospect countries where you can work in, several factors are to consider: citizens, the economy and the climate. Luckily, there are countries that raise welcoming citizens, high economic stability and a fair climate condition. These are the countries in the second largest continent next to Asia, Africa. It is the place where you can really find jobs that suits your capacity and skills.


Although Africa has been labeled as the poorest and most underdeveloped continent, its constituent countries strive hard to excel and be known to the rest of the world. That is why, some jobs in Africa that you can apply to vary from managerial, business, to mechanical and skilled work. Most countries Africa construct infrastructures and increased the employment slots for peasants to have jobs. Some of the fast growing and developing countries include Kenyan and South Africa. The in-demand jobs in South Africa are mainly in tourism and technical work, computer and telecommunications, as well as business, skilled labour and trades. jobs SA comes with high rates because of its high demand, and sufficient supply since the country in known to have the abundance of natural resources.


Kenya, on the other hand, has a continuous expansion and stability of their economy due to tourism and massive higher education and telecommunications. The country has also been successful because of their agriculture industry. Among the jobs Kenya cradles include veterinarian services, telecommunications, and skilled labors, hotel catering and other food services. This simply yet noble jobs in Kenya are associated with tantamount wage which is enough for satisfying your own needs while saving the rest for your family needs. Where else in the world could you find these opportunities? You can even go on having pass time in there beautiful spots and highlights for refreshment. Plus you will not be missing your family members that much because almost all of the people are welcoming and kindhearted. You will not find difficulty in dealing or relating with them since most of them knows and understand English.

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