The Importance of Academic UK Essays for Students
by christinemcgee
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Essay writing is a very important academic task required in secondary schools, universities, and other tertiary education level institutions in the United Kingdom because of the effective and efficient use of academic UK essays as tools for educating students and helping them in the learning process. In many secondary schools, the students are taught on how to write structured essay formats as a way of improving their writing skills.

The importance of essay writing for students in universities and other tertiary education level institutions could not be underestimated because of the use of the essay as an effective and efficient educational or learning tool. In universities and other tertiary education level institutions, The writing of academic UK essays would involve the students on being asked by their lecturers to evaluate, explain, or comment on a topic of study or particular subject area.

The academic essays are used by the lecturers to judge the level of the comprehension and mastery of the materials that were learned by the students. Moreover, some disciplines or fields of study taught in universities would require the students to write a short essay within two to three hours during term examinations as a way of assessing the students' writing skills and the level of knowledge for those particular disciplines.

Other reasons for the importance of the writing of academic UK essays include testing a student's researching skills, abilities for analytical and critical thinking, capabilities for knowledge internalisation, the level of intellectual development, and his ability for feedback generation. To further explain, effective knowledge internalisation would mean on how effective is the student in internalizing the lessons and other knowledge that he has learned by applying and using the knowledge in his exams, experiments, and other academic tasks. To summarise, the university essay writing tasks are used to evaluate and develop a student's skills in terms of reading and writing skills, analytical and critical thinking skills, researching skills, and the capacity for writing a high quality and well-written essay under pressure and tight deadline. Hence, the essay writing tasks are a major contributor to the grades received by the students for their academic performance.

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