Rose promotion fails smell test
by Emily Gallagher
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It was with great shock that I learned Captain Pete Rose has been promoted to Deputy Inspector by the NYPD. This is less than a year after his statement that only "true stranger rapes" were legitimate, and that he was not concerned about the 62 percent increase of reported sexual assault crimes in our community.

Let me remind you that this shocking statement gained international attention, even being covered in The Guardian.

Instead of taking responsibility for his statement, he instead blamed the reporter for it, saying she misinterpreted what he said. This is not the kind of leadership we wanted to see.

My concerns with the treatment of women in our community and in sexual assault cases, including the under-reporting that resulted from it, caused me to begin organizing with community members. So many community members – over 80 people - came to our initial meeting last year because they shared my frustration.

At the Precinct Community Council meetings, which I have occasionally attended, I have often seen legitimate concerns met with excuses or with neighbors being told that they didn't understand what was really going on in their own lives or with their own experiences in order to downplay an issue.

At a candlelight vigil we held after the rape that occurred this spring in a portable toilet on Banker Street, I met a handful of women who were so unhappy and felt so deeply disrespected by Captain Rose in the handling of their own cases that they actually wept with frustration.

One young student was so enraged by the conversation about him that she could not stay through the event.

I took these concerns up the chain of command, and it was only when my group met with Brooklyn North Police Chief Maddrey that the concerns began to be accounted for.

Maddrey himself was shocked and appalled. Community members met with Captain Rose to have a similar conversation. Many people in this community have been asking for Captain Rose to receive remedial coaching in how he handles his female constituents.

I was hopeful when I saw that the 94th Precinct was being coached by Brooklyn North, a group of men I find to be respectful, sympathetic and effective.

I thought we were moving towards a solution, since I do believe that people can grow and change. With the addition of a female captain, I was really hopeful that a culture shift was occurring and we would see improvement.

I believe that people can learn and change into more tolerant, kinder individuals. However, it is unexpected and distressing that someone that many people in our community believe needs coaching instead is getting a raise and a title change.

This is the kind of action that the NYPD takes that makes people feel unsafe, unseen and unsupported. Many individuals that I've spoken with at meetings have expressed a drive towards vigilante justice because they do not feel comfortable contacting the police in our precinct.

This is a real problem that will take years to resolve. I don't understand why the actor who has created much of the distrust would receive accolades.

Captain Rose has made many missteps, and the community would welcome a sincere apology for them. He created a culture in the 94th Precinct that many feel is biased, and a promotion is absolutely tone deaf to the culture shift we are experiencing internationally with the calling out of sexual harassers and rapists in our society.

Excusing "non-stranger rapes" and requiring intervention from the police chief in order to make your constituents feel respected is enough, these days, to have you on extremely thin ice.

The NYPD is demonstrating that they are not responsive or aware that this behavior is no longer acceptable in our culture, they are instead applauding it with a reward.
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