Fix your Mac & give your slow internet a boost
by CharlesBMoses
 macbook running slow
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Ø  Internet, its usage and benefits

We all use computers and we can’t live without internet. The statement is true for most of the young generation. Internet is a global hit, no matter where you go or where you are from. Some use it for enjoyment, others earn their livelihood online. Whether you have to search for relevant material on your term paper or you have to find books, you no longer need a tangible library. The uses of internet are countless.

Ø  Internet dependency

There is a downside to it as well. Being so extensively dependent on something makes you vulnerable. It comes as a revelation the moment you start having trouble with your internet connection.

Ø  The perfect machines and the worst nightmare

When one talks about perfect machines and operating systems, it is impossible to keep Macintosh out of the picture. Even these extraordinary operating systems are not free from the slow internet Mac problem. There have been numerous complaints from Mac-users about their browsers running too slow.

Ø  Faulty hardware could not be the problem

When your browser starts taking too much time to load pages, it is usually a warning bell for you. Since we are talking about Macs, the possibility of faulty hardware could easily be ruled out. The Mac with its features and specs is the perfect hard-wired system you would find anywhere. I doubt if even alien technology could beat that.

Ø  Possibility of slow DNS lookups

A slow internet connection could also signify a problem with your DNS. Since Apple has somewhat changed how DNS lookups operate it could lead to inefficiency but that is a big IF.

Ø  Mackeeper could be the solution

Most of the times, it is other things that are clogging up you Mac. “Slow internet Mac” is a very common problem these days. There is a new application by the name of Mackeeper and it does brilliant things for a Mac.

First of all it claims to be the solution for the problem of slow internet Mac. The condition, however, remains that your DNS lookups are not slow. Apart form slow DNS lookups it could take care of almost all the problems that are responsible for making your Mac slow.

Ø  What can Mackeeper do for you?

It is a utility application. Works as 911 for your Mac, the producers claim. It brings along 16 applications in one bundle software. It is also regarded as an-award winning application in Apple communities.

The application along with its tools performs a number of functions to enhance your system’s performance.

ü  Cleans up junk and unnecessary data from your drives

ü  Gives you free space to work with as a result giving it a boost

ü  Keeps you protected from hidden threats and in turn builds a great defense

ü  Takes care of all your privacy needs by curtailing virtual intruders

All in all it optimizes your Mac’s performance thus providing you the solution to slow internet Mac problem if macbook running slow .




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